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Still Getting Dangerous After All These Years September 13, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in The Blog.

Could we Darkwing Duck fans ever have expected a year like 2010?  After nearly two decades of Disney all but ignoring the masked mallard (save for the odd limited edition pin), Boom! Studios has brought us a stellar new comic book series, first as a short novelty miniseries, but due to overwhelming support, almost immediately achieved ongoing series status.  As if that weren’t enough, the book is stellar, too.  Ian Brill writes the characters’ dialogue in a way that perfectly evokes the voices of Jim Cummings, Terry McGovern, and Dan Castellaneta.  The terror that flaps has never looked as good and dashing as he does under James Silvani‘s pen and with Andrew Dalhouse’s colors.  It may not be the epic motion picture series we fantasized about a decade ago, but Darkwing Duck is once again more alive than I’d ever dared hoped he be.

Partial cover art for Darkwing Duck #6, part of the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings arc

Almost exactly twelve years ago, I launched a website I then called “Renard’s Darkwing Duck Page” on a long-forgotten free web hosting service called Xoom.  Yes, oldtimers, this is me, the webmaster formerly known as John Renard.  My DW website would be renamed “The Darkwing Duck Page,” maintain a regular schedule of weekly content updates, move  to a few different servers, and then finally settle into Crosswinds.  Just as I was preparing to expand the scope and staff of the page, it was lost in a server crash in 2001.  That was my first year of college and I was away from home and all my backup files.  Thus did the noble Darkwing Duck Page, more popular than I had ever dreamed and more popular than any other Internet project I have since embarked on, die a sudden and ignoble death.

I’ve been away from the fandom for a long time.  Perhaps I burnt myself out in those heady high school years, spending nearly all my afternoons posting feverishly at The Old Haunt and the Darkwing Duck Diary Message Board.  It seems smaller than it used to be, I hardly recognize any names or websites (run as they are by people almost embarrassingly younger than me), and it seems as though the community has become more fanfiction- and roleplay-centric.  It’s different, but I’m happy to see that D.W. is still entertaining people to this day, as there are healthy and active sites like Malicia MaCawber’s fantastic Negaverse.net.  Myself? I may not obsess over the show as I used to, but it’s an integral part of me and I love it dearly still.

Darkwing Duck as he appeared in 1991's "Duck Blind"

So what role will this blog play?  I’ll be reporting any significant Darkwing Duck news and developments I can find, which I’m sure will almost exclusively focus on the Boom! Studios comics.  As well, I’ll be referencing and writing about interesting and relevant material as I come across it on the Internet (I’m mentally preparing a few posts that I’ll hopefully get up in the next few weeks).  In time, I’ll bring over content from the old Darkwing Duck Page archives.  If, by chance, you have some sort of Darkwing material (an essay or somesuch) you’d like posted here, email me and we’ll talk about it.  If you see a particularly noticeable piece of fanart or D.W. production lore, please send it my way.  I’m eager to maintain this as a space for Darkwing Duck fans of all generations to meet and communicate.  My intention at this point is not to focus on fanfiction stories, characters, or communities, but I think there’s a lot that can be said about Darkwing Duck old and new.

It feels good to say it again.  Let’s get dangerous!



1. Ella - November 1, 2010

Hi, I just kind of randomly found your blog and I love it! I am new to the Darkwing Duck fandom (have been a huge fan for many years). I am in the process in making my own DW fansite (almost done) and I was hoping I could add a link to your site on it.


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