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More Secret Origins September 15, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Series Production.

I’m positively fascinated with the production process for television animation, particularly from Darkwing Duck’s era.  Also, it goes without saying, I’m particularly fascinated with how Darkwing Duck came into being.  As producers of the show have revealed on many occasions, its development began as a direct DuckTales spinoff called Double O Duck.  (You can read some more of this on DWBlog’s own Origins page.)  But I always find it very illuminating and rewarding to see that process fleshed out.

An early sketch of St. Canard, with a New Orleans flavor

So I was very happy to see that just a month ago, animation veteran Michael Peraza posted a blog entry about his involvement in Darkwing Duck’s early development, working crazy hard right before Darkwing’s accelerated pitch (as Peraza reveals in another post, Darkwing might not even have been pitched when it was had it not been for Walt Disney Television Animation suddenly finding out they didn’t have the rights to develop the Bullwinkle revival they were working on).

Never saw this, did we? A story sketch from an early Darkwing Duck pitch session by Michael Peraza.

Peraza wasn’t involved much past the show’s initial development; he soon moved onto other projects.  He reveals a stunning amount of never-before-seen development artwork he drew, including a shot of St. Canard and the Audobon Bay Bridge that looks a lot like New Orleans, a prototype of Darkwing Tower’s interior, a very early sketch of Gosalyn and Honker, and a story drawing of Launchpad and Darkwing stuffed with fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant, a scene that apparently didn’t survive to production.

Make sure you visit Peraza’s post.  There are several sketches I didn’t include here, and his actual relation of the story is priceless.

Double O Duck drives his motorcycle up St. Audobon Bay Bridge to what would become Darkwing Tower



1. Roaming Tigress - September 15, 2010

What fascinating concept art! The duck in the sketch withi DW and Launchpad is what I envision the duck leader of FOWL High Command would look like, sans shadows.

Great blog, John! I’ve bookmarked it and you can be sure I’ll be coming back regularly.

2. John D. Moore - September 16, 2010

I hadn’t paid that duck in the back much mind. I can totally see that, though.

I think it’s interesting how much of the general look of the show is present in these early concept drawings. St. Canard really looks a lot like St. Canard. Darkwing’s (Double O’s) character design is obviously not there yet.

Thanks for the kind words!

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