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Pitching Channels September 16, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Series Production.

If you’re here, you may very well be aware that Darkwing Duck creator and producer Tad Stones runs a personal blog at his Hellboy Animated1 site.  I have yet to make it all the way through his archives, but it’s a veritable treasure trove of television animation insight.  In a recent post, he fielded a question about from Malicia Macawber of Negaverse.net about pitching in general, and specifically a rumored pitch of a Darkwing Duck spinoff some years after Darkwing left the air.  Between that and a Usenet post reproduced at Negaverse.net, we have a pretty good picture of a briefly pitched series featuring Gosalyn as the lead action hero, updated for a post-Disney Afternoon market, with a permanently injured Darkwing providing support.  We also have this drawing, which appears to have been about the entirety of the pitch proper.

Let's Get Dangerous Again: image from pitch for Darkwing spinoff starring Gosalyn Mallard

Interestingly, she seems to don the Darkwing identity instead of continuing the Quiverwing Quack (though that named never really struck me as marketable).  Though it would’ve been a significant departure, and it seems to have never really had a chance of making it at Disney, it would’ve been interesting to see how such a show might’ve panned out, especially would Stones have lead it.  His post and its comments (and his whole blog, mind you) are definitely recommended reading.  He also generously threw in this Gosalyn Mallard model sheet.

Gosalyn Mallard model sheet (from Darkwing Duck)

1 By the way, how cool is it that Stones got to work on Hellboy? I remember reading a Usenet post from him ages ago where he was talking about trying to launch a new Hellboy-inspired series at Disney starring Horace Horsecollar. When I saw that he was working with Mike Mignola on the animated Hellboy movies, I thought that was just awesome.



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