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Darkwing Developments October 11, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News, Darkwing News.

Over the weekend, James Silvani, Ian Brill, Andrew Dalhouse, and other Boom! folks attended New York Comic Con, signing covers, selling an exclusive NYCC cover for Darkwing Duck #1.  Negaverse.net webmistress Malicia MaCawber has posted  report of her experiences as well as some lovely pictures of her autographed copies.  She also drops a cryptic mention that Darkwing’s recent comic success has caught the attention of some people in-house at Disney, saying this “means good things for Darkwing” and that there were big pending announcements on the horizon.

Between this and the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con at the end of the month, the hearts of Darkwing fans in flyover country like myself are simply burning with jealousy.

Meanwhile, French video game site “Nintendo Master” has a report on an interview with Warren Spector, lead designer of upcoming Wii game, Epic Mickey.  Spector has mentioned in the past that, after his current project launches this holiday, he has interest in developing a new DuckTales game.  There’s been some minor speculation that given Spector’s appreciation for all things Disney and the scope of his games, some Duckburg-St. Canard intersections might arise.

In this piece, it is reported that Spector “never saw Darkwing Duck, but he plans to watch the series and see if he can turn a video game”  (thanks, Google Translate).

Naturally, the 1992 Capcom Darkwing Duck games are superb, but it’d be very interesting to see a Darkwing game made in and for today’s video game culture.

It’s pretty exciting news that Darkwing’s getting the kind of attention he is right now, especially from powerful people within Disney.



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[…] Word on the street has it that the success of Boom!’s Darkwing Duck comic book has piqued the interest of people at Disney, which is going to lead to some new and exciting announcements.  There’s been a good deal of rumbling and speculation about what exactly those announcements might be.  The public isn’t privy to any information beyond just that for the time being, but I thought I’d throw in my two bits. […]

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