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Video Interview with Ian Brill October 12, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

Website StrangersWithComics.com has a video interview with Ian Brill up from this last weekend’s New York Comic Con.  Brill talks about how he grew up with the show, some of his favorite episodes, how he came to write The Duck Knight Returns, and expresses his particular fondness for Quackerjack (I suspected that).  He drops small teases about upcoming plot threads involving Quackerjack and a teaming of Bushroot and the Liquidator.  To somewhat answer the big Gizmoduck/Gosmoduck question fans have been wondering about (he can’t very well just go give away everything he’s saving up for us now, can he?) , he affirms that they “plan to deal with the Gizmoduck stuff in a future storyline” and that we’ll “see some changes” to the situation as it stands now.



1. The Snark - October 12, 2010

You know I approve of Bushroot/Liquidator action….But my dirty mind aside, i’m looking forward to them having their spotlight. They deserve it.

2. John D. Moore - October 14, 2010

Indeed. I don’t believe they ever even had any one-on-one scenes (not those kinds of one-on-one scenes, mind you) in the series, save for one in “Just Us Justice Ducks.” It’ll be fun seeing them brought more to the forefront.

3. Mike Russo - October 14, 2010

Wouldn’t mind seeing the Bushroot design tweaked a little bit though. It could use some refinement. Doesn’t really capture the character.

4. John D. Moore - October 17, 2010

Been hearing that a lot, so I’ve got hope that by the time a more Bushroot-focused arc comes about, ol’ Reggie will look more himself.

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