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Quack Copter Packaging Illustration October 14, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Merchandise.

Those who’ve seen the pictures of the planned-but-cancelled second wave of Playmates Darkwing Duck action figures will recognize the peculiar vehicle in the following illustration.  It’s the “Quack Copter,” and commercial illustrator/graphic designer Mike Lemos produced this airbrush picture for the packaging that never made it into production.  He posted it on his Sabet.TV portfolio last December.

Cancelled Darkwing Duck Quack Copter toy packaging illustration by Mike Lemos


I like the illustration a lot.  The expression on Darkwing’s face is perfect for one operating such an absurd, wacky contraption.  The colors and background also match the feel of the packaging for the Thunderquack and Ratcatcher toys, complete with added “Yee-ow!” sticker on the machine’s bill.

Darkwing Duck Thunderquack toy packaging Darkwing Duck Ratcatcher motorcycle toy packaging



1. lauren - November 28, 2010

hello, please could you tell me what a new darkwing duck ratcatcher toy is worth. thank you

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