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Putting the Dark in Duck Knight October 17, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

It’s been said that part of Darkwing’s comic success has come because the children who grew up on it in the nineties are now the twenty- and thirty-somethings that patronize their local comic book shops with their disposable incomes.  While that is certainly true, there are some who aren’t as familiar with comics’ long legacy who are perhaps buying their first regular book ever (me? my first regular book in seven years).

So I think it’d be fun to point out that the “Dark Knight Returns” references don’t end at the title (or the returning) of The Duck Knight Returns. Three of issue 1’s covers (the “C” cover, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive, and the reprint) all reference some iconic covers of one of one of Batman’s most popular books.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns issue #1 (February 1986) alongside its Darkwing Duck: Duck Knight Returns homages (June 2010)

The 10th anniversary edition Dark Knight Returns cover, along with Darkwing Duck issue 1, cover C



1. steet - October 17, 2010

It’s the first comic I buy in years too (though I used to be a huge Disney comics buyer when I was young), and I’ve never been into the superhero stuff, so that’s very useful information to me :)

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