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Issue 5 Preview! October 18, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

We’re only 2 days away from issue 5 of the Darkwing Duck comic, and we finally have a preview online.  Negaverse.net’s “Duck Knight” blog has posted the tantalizing first five pages of the issue.  It starts with a delightful stroking of Darkwing Duck’s needy ego.

And then we get right to some Negaduck and Magica DeSpell action as Crisis on Infinite Darkwings kicks off.  October 20th (when this issue drops) can’t come soon enough.

[Full preview]

Update 10/20/2010: Extended preview at Newsarama.



1. steet - October 18, 2010

That preview’s awesome, and it looks like this arc will be even more interesting than the first one :)

2. John D. Moore - October 18, 2010

Negaduck and Magica is really an inspired villain team-up. Reading their dialogue has me really wishing I could hear it.

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