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Gaze Into the Future of the Disney Afternoon October 26, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

The second (or third, if you count the revival of the DuckTales title in the “Uncle Scrooge” book) of some unknown number of Disney Afternoon properties to be resurrected in comic book form will be launching in December.  And now we have a preview at Inside the Magic of the new Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers comic’s first pages.  Like Darkwing Duck before it, this is looking excellent.

This news may not exactly be Darkwing Duck-related, but D.W. scribe Ian Brill is penning this ongoing series series as well.  Art will be handled by Marvel Superhero Squad artist Leonel Castellini (whose work here looks positively gorgeous).  I’m not sure who’s on colors, but I’d be hard-pressed to say they could be doing any better.

Panel from Darkwing Duck issue 3 with Launchpad McQuack and Gadget Hackwrench

Myself?  I’ll be sure to pick this up along with Darkwing Duck issue 7 come December.  Boom! Studios is on a hot streak.




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