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Issue 8 Covers October 27, 2010

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

Just last week, we got our first of four installments in the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings comic arc in issue 5.  And now we’re getting our first peek at the covers for the story’s last installment, issue 8.

Cover A (left) is surely the work of James Silvani.  It’s looking pretty good, but I suspect final colors might not be done.  Cover B looks like another parody of some famous comic cover, but I can’t place.  Not sure who that duck in the pink dress is, why her eyes are so beady, or who drew this.  Curiously, the poses of Darkwing, Lanchpad, and Negaduck (not counting that eerie green one hovering above the mansion) are all lifted directly from Toby Shelton’s original model sheets.  Some speculation as to what these covers mean after the jump.

Issue 8 will hit comic book stores January 2011.

Boom!’s product page for issue 8 states:

With The Crisis on Infinite Darkwings reaching its zenith, an old evil (and no, we’re not talking Uncle Scrooge here people!) reemerges as the true source of St. Canard’s terrible water troubles! Cringe as both hero and villain find themselves treading turbulent terror! Gasp as the Darkwing Ducks rally to turn the tide toward triumph! Run to pick up the exciting conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Darkwings!

An “old evil,” eh?  Judging by the shape of that ominous, teethed silhouette behind Darkwing, it seems as though Paddywhack (of the episode “The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain”)  is ultimately the villain behind this arc.  One of the Internet’s oldest Darkwing Duck rumors has been an episode featuring Paddywhack’s return entitled “Pranks for the Memories.” According to the dubious information on Darkwing’s Wikipedia entry, in this never-produced episode “Paddywhack’s origins would had been revealed.”

This I cannot say I was expecting.  This leaves this arc with a villain roster of Negaduck, Magica DeSpell, numerous alternate Darkwings (I’m calling them villains), the Fearsome Five (apparently), Ammonia Pine (she warrants another mention on Cover A anyway), and Paddywhack.



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2. BakaMatt - January 12, 2011

Cover is an homage to Batman #227:

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