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State of the Darkwing 2011 January 3, 2011

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

And we’re back in 2011!  My 2010 got really busy there at the end with final papers and exams, then holidays, and then one humdinger of a cold.  Things are a little chiller right now, so I thought I’d catch up with all the Darkwing Duck news that caught me off guard. When last we saw our magnificent masked mallard, we were ogling the impending (now-released) issue 7 with a preview, checking out creator Tad Stones’s thoughts on Boom!, and scoping out the cover art for the next arc’s first installment, “F.O.W.L. Disposition” in issue 9.

In the last few weeks, the covers for three new issues have been announced, including the series’ first annual.  Let’s get to it.

Issue 10 is going to release in March.  The “A” cover is the handiwork of series artist James Silvani, with Amy Mebberson providing the “B” cover.  “A” indicates some green, tentacle-y threat is going to plaguing D.W. and Steelbeak–

–and issue 11’s “A” cover (again by Silvani) confirms it (thanks to Robot6). I’m not sure who drew cover “B,” but it’s teasing the return of Gosalyn as the Quiverwing Quack.  One wonders if Gosmoduck is going away at the end of issue 8.  With Honker, Gosalyn, and Morgana also featured, it looks like D.W. is maintaining quite the entourage.

Perhaps most exciting of all recent Darkwing news was the unveiling of March’s inaugural Darkwing Duck Annual issue.  Annuals are a tradition in comics publishing to offer additional stories outside the current arcs and continuities.  Two special guests are joining this oversized issue: occasional Boom! cover artist Sabrina Alberghetti will be illustrating Ian Brill’s main, self-contained episode-length story (I’m eager to see him try his hand at a smaller story myself), while Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones is writing an 8-page short story that James Silvani will be drawing.  The two covers above are by Silvani (colored by Mebberson) and are references to Brian Bolland’s cover for Batman: The Killing Joke.

Also! Silvani will be inking a special incentive cover penciled by Tad Stones that has yet to be revealed.  That will be something special indeed.

Alberghetti has posted an adorable sketch to celebrate her drawing of this episode at her DeviantArt account.

In somewhat less good news, the trade paperback Darkwing Duck Classics–originally due at the end of December-has been postponed without a new release date.  We’ll keep you posted with that and any other Darkwing Duck updates.  Stay tuned!



1. marques finch - July 6, 2011

when will these comics come out!
marques finch

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