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Issues 13 and 14 Cover Art June 2, 2011

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

We’ve got complete pairs of covers for the next 2 issues.  Let’s take a gander.

In addition to the A cover we’d already seen by James Silvani, we’ve got the B cover by Sabrina Alberghetti.  Myself, I hope it’s not too long before Morgana’s back in St. Canard.

The Duck Knight has returned, he’s solved the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, and he’s withstood the F.O.W.L. Disposition. With all these Darkwing epics in the bag, will the purple powerhouse of peace be able to deal with the dreaded One-Shot? Find out this month as Ian Brill and James Silvani continue their critically acclaimed, fan-favorite run on DARKWING DUCK!

In the aftermath of the attack by the nefarious newcomer One-Shot, St. Canard finds itself in the midst of chaos again! An army of brand new baddies has swarmed the streets, and city hall is rendered helpless without the leadership of a mayor. Could the terror that flaps in the night do the unthinkable and don the duties of a….*gasp*…desk job? Plus: Who can contain Cat-Tankerous? Make yours mallard this month and find out! Fan-favorite writer Ian Brill and superstar artist James Silvani bring you another issue of the series that is taking comic fandom by storm!

Looks like even though the book’s fourth arc will be one continuous, four-page story, it’ll feature a variety of villains in their own smaller stories.  Looks like something a bit new, a bit different.  These issues will hit in June and July.



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