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Issue 15 Cover A June 2, 2011

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James Silvani brings us the first of the two covers for issue 15:

It’s a super-powered stampede as waves and waves of brand new baddies pop up all over St. Canard, in the midst of a mayoral race you have to see to believe! How many more meta human menaces are gonna show up to crash Darkwing’s political party? Count ’em all in ‘The Ballot of Darkwing and Launchpad!’


Issues 13 and 14 Cover Art June 2, 2011

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We’ve got complete pairs of covers for the next 2 issues.  Let’s take a gander.

In addition to the A cover we’d already seen by James Silvani, we’ve got the B cover by Sabrina Alberghetti.  Myself, I hope it’s not too long before Morgana’s back in St. Canard.

The Duck Knight has returned, he’s solved the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, and he’s withstood the F.O.W.L. Disposition. With all these Darkwing epics in the bag, will the purple powerhouse of peace be able to deal with the dreaded One-Shot? Find out this month as Ian Brill and James Silvani continue their critically acclaimed, fan-favorite run on DARKWING DUCK!

In the aftermath of the attack by the nefarious newcomer One-Shot, St. Canard finds itself in the midst of chaos again! An army of brand new baddies has swarmed the streets, and city hall is rendered helpless without the leadership of a mayor. Could the terror that flaps in the night do the unthinkable and don the duties of a….*gasp*…desk job? Plus: Who can contain Cat-Tankerous? Make yours mallard this month and find out! Fan-favorite writer Ian Brill and superstar artist James Silvani bring you another issue of the series that is taking comic fandom by storm!

Looks like even though the book’s fourth arc will be one continuous, four-page story, it’ll feature a variety of villains in their own smaller stories.  Looks like something a bit new, a bit different.  These issues will hit in June and July.

DuckTales Preview and Release June 2, 2011

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The first issue of the new Kaboom! DuckTales comic book has launched. It’s penned by video game designer Warren Spector.  Contrary to the original press releases, the artwork is drawn by former Rescue Rangers artist Leonel Castellani, Jose Massaroli, and Magic Eye Studios.  Interestingly, this book is supposed to exist explicitly in the same continuity as Darkwing Duck.  How this works with Launchpad (here drawn more on model from Darkwing than his original appearance in DuckTales), I’m not sure.  I guess we’ll see.  Here’s a preview if you wanna test your interest.  I enjoyed this first issue.

There’s also a special third incentive cover drawn by Darkwing artist extraordinaire, James Silvani, featuring tons of villains.

Crisis on Infinite Darkwings Trade Paperback Out! June 2, 2011

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The trade  paperback collection for the second arc of the new comic series arrived in comic book stores the same day as issue 11.  If you haven’t caught up with it in the single issues, you’ll want to jump on this soon!

Issue 12 Came Out a Few Weeks Ago! June 2, 2011

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Issue 12 of Darkwing Duck hit store shelves the third Wednesday of May.  Here’s a preview.  Make sure to snatch it up if you haven’t yet.

Issue 11 Out Tomorrow! Preview! April 19, 2011

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The third issue of the “F.O.W.L. Disposition” arc is coming to comic book stores tomorrow, April 20th. Get a sneak peek now!

Boom!’s Disney Licenses in Trouble? April 19, 2011

Posted by John D. Moore in Comics News.

Though Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, and DuckTales are in July’s comic previews, Boom! has not listed the classic books, Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disney’s Comic and Stories, Mickey Mouse and Friends, and Donald Duck are missing from the roster.  Whether this is a mistake, or Disney has reclaimed the license, or the books are being cancelled, we can’t be sure, though some sites are speculating that Disney may be preparing to hand the titles over to their own Marvel Studios.  No one seems to know anything definitively yet, and whether the end of the classic books at Boom! will necessarily impact the fate of the Disney Afternoon titles.  I sent an email to Boom!’s press agent, Chip Mosher, asking for clarification, but as is the nature of these dealings, he probably won’t be able to tell me whether anything is happening.

More on this if and when anything develops.

Update: The word from Mr. Chip Mosher is officially “no comment” at this time.  If any news comes to light, this blog will have it.

Our First Look at Issue 13 April 6, 2011

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Here’s our first peek at James Silvani’s cover for issue 13 (Sabrina Alberghetti’s B cover has yet to surface).  With this issue, the Boom! crew will be introducing us to the comics’ first original main villain, One-shot.

Look for this issue and the start of this new arc in June.

I do apologize for the lack of updates recently.  I especially regret missing announcements and coverage of some Boom! convention appearances.

Issue 12 Cover B April 6, 2011

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The second cover for issue 12 has been revealed!  It drops in May, and tidies up the “F.O.W.L. Disposition” story arc.

This cover is the handiwork of Amy Mebberson, and is an homage to the X-Men story “Days of Future Past.”  I expect it’ll be fun to watch Launchpad and Morgana continue their oddball team-up, started last issue.

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