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The Darkwing Duck Blog is looking for information and contributions from its readers.  Specifically, the following:

If you have information or a submission that fits into any of the above categories, please email blog author John D. Moore.  If you want to discuss writing a guest piece for the blog, please feel free to drop an email.

I am afraid that for the time being, this is not really a fanfiction or fanart blog.



1. Bear Eggleston - March 14, 2011

I was working for a local TV station in the programing department when the “Disney Afternoon” line up came out. We sent out post cards provided by Disney to our kids club members to promote the now line up. They featured Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop and Bonkers. Later Gargoyles had their own too. I saved those we did not send out. I have been a Darkwing fan (and Gizmo Duck) since they first came up with the Characters.

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